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Roof Cleaning Moss Removal Service

There are several different methods used when cleaning a roof!

Here at Tayview External Cleaning Services,  we offer 2 options for our Roof Cleaning and Moss removal.  

We offer a Roof Softwash option, this is carried out using our purpose made scrapers, which are designed to fit snugly, in any different slate/tile profile removing any Moss and Growth from the roof, we would then clear out all Guttering and Valleys on the roof, before finishing off the process by applying a Biocide treatment to the roof, this  treatment kills off any remaining moss spores, algae, fungi and lichens. The biocide also finishes off the cleaning process over time.

We now after a large investment in the newest roof cleaning equipment, offer  Roof Steam cleaning. Our decision to invest in the latest Steam cleaning technology is rooted in a commitment to safety, effectiveness and the preservation of your roofing materials. Here's why Steam cleaning is now our preferred method -

Gentle on your roof - Steam cleaning is gentle on roofing materials, it doesn't subject them to the potential damage that high pressure methods can cause. 

Effective at removing contaminants - The combination of heat and low pressure steam effectively breaks down and removes a wide range of contaminants, including Moss, Algae, Mould and dirt. It's a thorough and long lasting cleaning solution.

No Risk of Water Intrusion - High pressure cleaning can force water under roofing materials, potentially causing leaks and other damage. Steam cleaning minimizes this risk, ensuring your roofsprotective barriers remain in 


Firstly, we would carry out a visual roof survey, to identify the contaminates growing on your home roof and undertake a risk assessment, to ensure all health and safety is adhered to, at this stage, we can also recommend which of our Roof Cleaning, Moss removal options will be best suited for your property.  
If moss is needed to be removed, our operators would cover areas around your property to ensure a tidy job is undertaken.  We would then start to remove the deposits of moss manually, using our extendable specialized  hand held tools.

Once we are completely satisfied that the build up of the moss has been removed, we would then apply the soft wash treatment to your roof, using our specialized equipment, this is when the soft wash gets to work  and starts to kill any remaining moss, algae and lichens that are still alive on the roof.
After the roof has been soaked in the treatment solution, a full clean out of the guttering system of your home will take place, making sure nothing is left behind.  Then, we would carry out the final clean up around your property, making sure it is exactly as it was before we started.

All of our experienced staff are trained, qualified and insured to be working at height.  

Not only will soft washing clean and restore your roof without the worry of any damage occurring but it will also protect the roof from any regrowth for many months/years to come.



Is Roof Cleaning Necessary?

Not only does a moss and algae covered roof look unpleasant to the eye, heavy moss growth on your roof can cause damage over time.  

The moss acts like a sponge, soaking up water and moisture.  The moss can then freeze, as this happens it expands on the surface, which can lead to cracking in the pointing and lifting of the tiles.  We have also seen moss spores eat its way into tiles, leading to the surface becoming defaced.

What are the methods used to clean my roof?

The most common ways to clean a roof are pressure washing or soft washing.

Pressure washing the roof is carried out by accessing the roof using access equipment, such as roofing ladders, portable scaffold towers or telescopic lances. 

Roof moss removal, also known as soft washing the roof, is a way of cleaning the roof without the need for a pressure washer.  Again, this is done using telescopic roof scraping/spraying tools, roofing ladders and portable scaffold towers.  The bulk of the moss is manually removed, followed by a moss, algae biocide treatment, which in turn results in a cleaner, roof over a period of time.

Should I have the moss removed from my roof?

The short answer is yes.  Not only for appearance, but where large amounts of moss are present on your roof, certain roof tiles are prone to being damaged.

What is Biofilm?

A biofilm consists of a group of microorganisms which often stick to exterior surfaces.  They can form on living or non-living surfaces.  Examples of biofilm are Algae, Lichen and various other types of mold. 


What is Biocide?

A Biocide is a chemical substance or microorganism that kills or controls the growth of living organisms.  Softwash solution is a highly concentrated biocide which is HSE approved.

How much does it cost to have a roof cleaned?

Every roof is different, there are many factors to take into account when pricing a roof clean.  

The size of the roof, moss presence, access and tile type are some of the factors that have to be taken into account.  

We have given approximate prices on our roof cleaning page for various sized properties, which we try to stay as close to, so that customers have a fair idea before contacting us.  Once a price is given, we always guarantee to stick to it!

Soft washing, moss removal by hand tools, then a biocide treatment is the cheaper option and also the method that we recommend.  


This is a small semi-detached or terraced house with a standard front and rear elevation with no side hips.

Moss manually removed, gutters cleared and the application of a biocide roof treatment.

Prices start from £395

Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal Service

This is a small detached or semi-detached house, which we would class as a free standing residential building.

Moss manually removed, gutters cleared then application of a biocide roof cleaning treatment.

Prices start from £495

Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal Service

This type of property is an average sized detached property.  

Moss manually removed, gutters cleared then application of a biocide roof cleaning treatment.

Average sized detached house prices start from £595 

Roof Cleaning, Moss Removal Service

Typically a large property, with several additional roofs, which may consist of a porch and/or double garage, maybe even an extension.  With a property this size, we would anticipate the work to take a number of days.

Moss manually removed, gutters cleared then application of a biocide roof cleaning treatment.

Prices start from £795

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