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Driveway Cleaning Service


Driveway cleaning and restoration 

We at Tayview External Cleaning Services provide a professional driveway cleaning and pressure washing service, using the most advanced pressure cleaning equipment available.  We can clean and restore your driveway and exterior surfaces to a standard that very few companies can match.  
Our cleaning process will remove dirt, grime, tyre marks, most oil stains, weeds, moss and algae.  We can restore your driveway to its former glory and original condition.  On block driveways, we can re sand using kiln sand, keeping the driveway in its new original condition.  
We have successfully cleaned many driveways and patios around our area.  We take pride in every job that we undertake and have built up a strong reputation with our repeat clients who have their driveway cleaned every year or two.
We have achieved this not only because of our fair pricing, but also because of our excellent customer service and satisfaction.  Attention to detail is what sets us apart from the competition.  Our customers expect a first rate service each and every time.  



With any job, preparation is key.  The real advantage of using the professional services of Tayview External Cleaning Services, is that our high quality products, specialist equipment and skilled workers, allow us to achieve a great result at a fast pace to complete any job, with no hassle, or mess.


Our pricing for driveway (monoblock) and patio's is listed below.  We charge by the size of the area needing cleaned, working this out by the SQ Metre.
Our prices show the cost per SQ Metre for cleaning and re sanding.
Heavy weed removal and any specialist cleaning treatment, would increase the cost, which would be explained on the site survey/quotation visit.  




Cleaned -

Up to 50 SQ Metre = £3.00 SQ Metre
Up to 100 SQ Metre = £2,50 SQ Metre
Up to 150 SQ Metre = £2.00 SQ Metre
Up to 200 SQ Metre =£1.75 SQ Metre


Cleaned and Re-Sanded -

Up to 50 SQ Metre = £4 SQ Metre
Up to 100 SQ Metre = £3.75 SQ Metre
Up to 150 SQ Metre = £3.50 SQ Metre
Up to 200 SQ Metre = £3.00 SQ Metre



Slab patio's 

Up to 150 SQ Metre = £2 SQ Metre
150-400 SQ Metre = £1.50 SQ Metre
Above 400 SQ Metre = £1.25 SQ Metre 


We cover all area's from Aberdeen,  Angus,  Dundee,  Perthshire,  Fife,  Edinburgh and more. 

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